Our project is dedicated to safeguarding the Devils’ town, a rare natural wonder in southern Serbia, from the effects of erosion and other environmental factors.

The DEMONITOR project focuses on monitoring the Devils’ town, a rare natural site in southern Serbia, to understand and address ongoing changes due to erosion and other factors.

Through a three-year period, we employ advanced non-invasive techniques such as terrestrial LiDAR, aerial photogrammetry, satellite InSAR, geotechnical and geophysical methods to quantify erosion rates, rockfall occurrences, weathering rates, and ground subsidence.

Building upon a successful one-year pilot project, our goal is to confirm erosion rates, correlate them with site conditions, and predict future trends.

By doing so, we aim to design appropriate prevention and stabilization measures to ensure the long-term conservation of this remarkable site.

Moreover, the scientific findings will not only contribute to the site’s conservation but also enhance its promotion and recognition, particularly within the UNESCO context, while fostering economic benefits through tourism development.


Principal project objectives can be listed as follows

Objective 1

Developing procedures and protocols for continuous and sequential data acquisition and processing

Objective 2

Quantifying the landform and earth pillars change using different state of the art monitoring techniques

Objective 3

Predicting the landform behavior, short and long-term (using different climate change projections)

Objective 4

Targeting the critical landforms and proposing preliminary design for preventive or stabilizing measures

Objective 5

Sustainability – providing the base for further monitoring (beyond the project’s life cycle)

Objective 6

Promoting the Devils’ town site for a better touristic visibility and economic improvement of the local society

Objective 7

Networking with domestic and abroad research groups interested in the subject

Key members of our interdisciplinary team come from interdisciplinary fields, and have different specializations, so that they can contribute from their respective aspects…

Assoc. Prof. Miloš Marjanović, PhD

Principal Investigator – WP Modelling

Assoc. Prof. Marko Pejić, PhD

Key member – WP Acquisition

Assoc. Prof. Dragana Đurić, PhD

Key member – WP Coordination

Assist. Prof. Uroš Đurić, PhD

Key member – WP Promotion

Including key members our project team comprises from 14 members that are specialists, young participants, and external contributors.