Resources and Tools

Online tools

Bibliša – searching aligned texts of articles from e-journals

NERosetta – search of named entities in aligned texts

NERanka – named entity tagging of user texts

Termi – terminological database

Aurora – concordances

BilTE – web application for bilingual domain terminology extraction

NERan – visualisation & automatic annotation

NER & Beyond – conversion and annotation

BRAT – NER annotation using BRAT application

Inception – NER annotation using Inception platform

GDEX – Good Dictionary EXamples API

Features – feature extraction web interface

Obrada – POS-tagger & cyr-lat conversion

КаМП – Towards minimal pairs (pair words extraction)

BabyWN – Baby Thesaurus

HateSpeech – hate speech detector

TextGen – text generator for the fields of sports and economy

Off-line tools

Nooj – natural language processing system

Unitex – natural language processing system

LeXimir – tool for creation, management and exploitation of lexical resources

ACIDE – an environment for generating and working with aligned texts

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