List of Projects

Ongoing Projects

Concluded Projects

  • COST action: CA16204 – Distant Reading for European Literary History, 2017-2020.
  • Bilateral Slovak-Serbian project: SK-SRB-2016-0021 – Quantitative analysis of syllables in Slavic languages (Russian, Slovak, Serbian), 2017-2018
  • COST action IC1302 – KEYSTONE (semantic KEYword-based Search on sTructured data sOurcEs), 2013-2017.
  • Tempus project: BAEKTEL – Blending academic and entrepreneurial knowledge in technology enhanced learning, 2014-2017.
  • Tempus project: Interdisciplinary Curricula in Computing to Meet Labor Market Needs INCOMING” 641, 2013-
  • Parseme – COST Action IC1207 “PARSEME: PARSing and Multi-word Expressions. Towards linguistic precision and computational efficiency in natural language processing”, Management Committee member, Stiring Committee member, 2013-2017.
  • CESAR – Central and South-East European Resources (ICT Policy Support Programme, Grant agreement no.: 271022) 2011-2013
  • SEE-ERA.NET – Building Language Resources and Translation Models for Machine Translation focused on South Slavic and Balkan Languages (ICT 10503 RP) 2007-2008.
  • WISE – An Electronic Marketplace to Support Pairs of Less Widely Studied European Languages (BSEC 009 / 05.2007) 2007 – 2008
  • Bilateral Slovene-Serbian project (2004-2005) Development of Slovene and Serbian Language Resources for Machine Translation (with Institute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana)
  • Bilateral French-Serbian project (2004-2005) Multilingual Dictionary of Proper Names, (with Unversity Tours, France)
  • BalkaNet – Design and Development of a Multilingual Balkan WordNet (FP5, IST-2000-29388) 2001-2004
  • TELRI-II – Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure (EC Concerted Action PL977085) 1995-1997 i 1999-2001
  • ELAN – European Language Activity Network (MLIS Project 121) 1998-2001

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