Belgrade Training School: “Exploring ELTeC: Use-Cases for Information Extraction and Analysis”

The COST Action 16204: Distant Reading for European Literary History training school

held from March 22 to March 24 2022 at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology.

Training materials are available on Github.

March 22 2022

Christof Schöch: “What is ELTeC all about?” [video]

Maciej Eder, Joanna Byszuk, Artjoms Šeļa: “Exploring and comparing ELTeC corpora with stylometry” [video]

Fotis Jannidis, Leo Konle: “Semantic analysis using word embeddings and language models” [video]

March 23 2022

Diana Santos: “NER exploitation and analysis”

Ranka Stanković, Milica Ikonić Nešić: “Wiki-ELTeC data session” [video]

Benedikt Perak: “ELTeC Data Analysis, Representation of the Geo-Entities and Interlinking with Knowledge bases” [video]

March 24 2022

Denis Maurel, Eric Laporte, Cvetana Krstev: “Unitex for processing of literary text: the case of NER automata” [video]

Jessie Labov, Pim van Bree, Geert Kessels: “Linking historical data with Nodegoat: Introduction” [video]

Pim van Bree, Geert Kessels: “ELTec in Nodegoat”  [video]

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